The Location

22 Solander Blvd, Port Douglas
Queensland Australia 4871

Being one of only 12 houses fronting the tropical forest and 4 mile beach, and with Solander Blvd being a "NO through Road " encapsulates Our location of quiet privacy.

Tali Tiga is set in its Own private world free from outer interference, and no one can impose their presence. We are Isolated from holiday makers, tourists, the noise of commerce & vehicular traffic.

This is our own private world.

Its only short walk or cycle to local cafes and shopping.

Our own private track meanders through the forest to the BEACH. You can swim in the sea from April to November, walk or cycle in both directions which is about 3km in either direction or take the equipment and have a barbecue on the beach and just hang out.


THE MONSOON SEASON November to April

We love it, its warm and often but not always humid. Depends On the sun being out. If so, accept it, swim & sit under to outdoor patio tans.

In one day we adapt to the change. We don't use the air conditioning as it feels best without it provided you are under ceiling fans.

Historically people depended on air movement, not conditioned air.

We love the heavy rains. The mountains & rivers come alive. It's exciting. We walk & get wet, but never cold. Exhilarating,

We accept the unexpected & enjoy the differences